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We help companies like yours build products

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you achieve your goals. With other 20 years of experience, we help build what you can imagine faster.


MindScout is a digital mental health platform for both patients and Health Care Professionals (HCP). It digitizes the assessments process for patients and allows mental health professionals to see the data in a way they understand. The HCP portal securely stores data and is HIPPA compliant. Our proprietary AI/ML algorithm helps predict when patients may be in crisis. Patent pending.

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Mobile app Dev

We have been developing mobile apps since Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007. Android is in our wheelhouse too.


Full Stack Dev

We love doing frontend dev in Ruby on Rails, NextJS, React or Angular.



Whether it be a quick proof of concept (POC) or you need automation to improve your processes. We can help.


Delivering Safer and Smarter Home Security Locks

With our embedded experience, we helped our customer deliver one of the first Smart Locks on the market to integrate with Apple’s HomeKit technology. Using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), we developed a lock that allowed end customers to safely unlock their home doors via their iPhone®. Code was written in C and Assembly for a MicroChip MCU.

Schlage Sense Lock


We are Engineers and Problem Solvers

At our core, we solve problems. With backgrounds in Engineering, development and tech – we solve the world’s hardest problems