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LFT Software Gives Donation To Hamilton Southeastern High School To Help Build Tomorrow’s Leaders


In 2022, Hamilton Southeastern High School (HSE) started its Science Olympiad. The topics that the team would participate in ranged from the life sciences to aeronautical engineering. Now armed with a donation from LFT Software, the HSE Science Olympiad team will have availability to more resources that will aid in their success at competitions. 

Adam Scroggin, an Indiana Entrepreneur and CEO of LFT Software, describes the company as a group of digital content creators, who help others across the globe with software and application development. 

LFT Software decided to donate for many reasons. The main reason was to support high school students in exploring science, technology and its benefits.  “We are blown away with how smart teenagers are. Technology moves so fast and they are able to adopt very quickly”. Adam Scroggin says “my generation didn’t grow up with cell phones and social media, but it is critical to businesses these days”. LFT Software hopes this donation will aid the HSE Science Olympiad team.

For many of the events in the Science Olympiad contest, teams need to study a certain topic about a type of science or they need to pre-build a machine or structure. According to the HSE Science Olympiad team, the money will go towards supplies to support learning such as:

  • practice tests for team members
  • building materials (e.g. materials for model planes or structural towers)
  • supplies for team members to participate in hands-on labs

LFT Software wishes the best of luck to the HSE Science Olympiad team!

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