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LFT Health Announces new CEO, Jaime A. Bristow MSN, RN, BA, PMHNP-BC


In February 2023, LFT Software created it’s new subsidiary LFT Health.  LFT Software, a “company of digital content creators, who help others across the globe with software and application development”, wanted to create a subsidiary in LFT Health to focus on the health care market needs of its customers.

Jaime Bristow

LFT Health focuses on improved health

Adam Scroggin, CEO of LFT Software and serial entrepreneur, has worked in the health care sector in building regulated websites for patient portals, mobile health apps, in the medical device field, and Apple Health integration. Even with his expertise in the field, Scroggin wanted to have a medical expert on board and Jaime Bristow was the perfect fit. Bristow says “I have always loved solving problems, whether in the lab, or in my clinic. When I met Adam Scroggin we discussed our mutual passion for mental health, I had several problems I wanted to solve for my community and patients. This discussion led to the development of several projects currently underway. I am grateful for this opportunity to lead and create solutions for our Indiana community and the world”.

“Jaime’s background in psychiatry, nursing, research and development and biotech startups makes her the perfect fit for leading our new company. With Jaime having over 15 years of experience working in mental health, I knew I found the right person. You used to have to hide if you had mental health issues, but not anymore. During COVID, it became more important to talk about mental health and acceptable”, Scroggin says. Scroggin has given several talks on the neuroscience of mental health with the intent of helping others.

Bristow provides LFT Health with a competitive advantage

Bristow plans on using her background in research and development, startups as well as healthcare to provide LFT Health with several advantages over other tech ventures.

“Nurses are among the most trusted professionals in the world. That’s not just lip service. We are among the most ethical and tenacious professions in the world. Remember COVID? We, as nurses did not abandon our community, we continued to fight, advocate, and bring all that we had. I bring that with me in whatever venture I am a part of, big or small.” says Bristow.

Bristow's roots start in Indy

Jaime Bristow graduated from North Central High School. She has a bachelor’s in biology from Purdue University, an accelerated nursing degree from Bergen Community College, and her advanced practice masters in science from Indiana University School of Nursing. Bristow has worked for several pharmaceutical companies in research and development, as well academia, a medical device company, and a bio-tech startup as part of BioCrossroads. She has done posters, national presentations, and co-authored papers. In addition, Bristow also serves as the Vice President of the Indiana Association for Child and Adult Psychiatric Nurses.

On a personal note

Jaime is an Indianapolis native and continues to call Indy her home. She has her two rescue dogs and also loves raising chickens. Jaime is also active in the Cross Fit community, an avid crafter, and gardener of native as well as medicinal plants.  

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