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LFT Software

LFT Software expected to be Microsoft Certified Partners by November 1, 2022


Some of the employees have LFT Software have been working with the Microsoft Operating system since Windows 3.11. I am a big advocate of C#.NET and has been using it since .NET 2.0. I have always like compiled languages and the portability that .NET brings to the table. It used to be that assembly, C and C++ were the only portable languages, but now, .NET runs on just about everything.

I have always felt that Microsoft is the industry leader when it comes to integration. The fact that they have Azure DevOps, LinkedIn and GitHub all primed for integration is fantastic! For this reason, I have decided that LFT Software will become a Microsoft Certified Partner! In my previous life, I have hooked up several customers on their Microsoft Partnerships too!

Becoming a Microsoft Partner

I and several of our developers have been using Azure DevOps for over 15 years. It used to be called Team Foundation Server (TFS). It blows Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, GitLab, Slack, etc out of the water. Again, Microsoft is phenomenal at integration. Why have all of these disparate systems when you can just use Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365)?

Thanks Microsoft! Cheers and here is to many years of success!

P.S. We can all look back and see mistakes that we have made. I find this video so funny. I’m not laughing at Microsoft, I am laughing with them 🙂

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