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The Best Business Card I Have Ever Owned


After starting my new business, one of the “smaller” decisions I have to make is business cards. Do I go old school and use paper? Or do I go new school and use my phone? So, I’ve seen several younger people in tech spend 5 or so minutes using a QR Code, Bluetooth or NFC trying to exchange contact info. Paper business cards are so simple that they almost can’t fail. I see peeps my own age use “traditional” paper business cards and they never fail – unless you lose them or don’t have time to enter them into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.

One of the biggest problems I have with paper business cards is that I forget to carry them on me. I also feel like a scrub when I meet someone who I want to do business with, but I totally forget to bring any cards with me. Another problem I have is that I have worked for multiple companies at the same time (e.g. CardBoard and SEP). When I meet someone, which card do I give them? That also comes with the extra pain of now carrying two different business cards. I needed a solution for all of my employees at LFT Software.

Business card
Patrick Bateman’s Business Card

After talking to several good friends at spokenote, I was introduced a one of the best products I’ve ever seen! It was a modern day business card and so easy to use!!!! The product is called OneTap Connect and it is 🔥 🔥 🔥. All you do when you meet someone is text them a link to a “mini” website that has all your information. This is epic… It looks like this when I text my business card to someone:

Adam Scroggin Contact Info
Adam Scroggin Contact Info

There are two other cool parts to the OneTapConnect solution. You get a card the size of a debit card that fits in your wallet. And, you also get a button with adhesive that you can stick on your computer, phone or anything else you might find useful. This is helpful if you or the person you just met doesn’t have a lot of time to exchange contact info. Check out this video to see how it works.

I feel so grateful when I meet other smart people in the Indiana tech community. They can introduce you to all kinds of smart products from all over the world. OneTapConnect has earned me as a customer for life! Be sure to check them out on the web here => OneTapConnect

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